Brand Review: Bath and Body Sleep Lotion/Body Splash

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brand Review: Bath & Body Sleep Lotion/Body Splash

Heeeeello people!
Have been really busy with work lately!
Oh did i mention i found a job?
I'm working at Wheelock place now,
and you're in town and need a lunch buddy, text me! (:

And i'm really excited cos my taiwan trip is finally confirmed!
flying there end of june! :D

But too bad strawberries won't be in season then,
can't go to the strawberry farm! ):
I wanna go to Leofoo Village,
which is a multi-theme themepark cum safari!
Hahahas, sounds interesting enough!

Anyway, one of my readers, Blumegal send me a package
with two travel sized Bath & Body products!

Lots of packages stuffed in my mailbox as usual!

So cute right! :D
Sleep Body Lotion & Japanese Cherry Blossom

Sleep Body Lotion

What the product description says:

Sleep well,
Lavender Essential Oil sootes and calms so you can sleep better
Chamomile Essential Oil has a lulling effect to enhance sleep

What do I say:

I've always have problems sleeping,
and sometimes i could just stay wide awake for hours and hours in bed
cos i tend to think so much, till i'm unable to just relax and rest.
Even if i get to sleep, i wake up feeling really un-rested!
So i was really excited to try this lotion that promise
to let me have a good night sleep!

For the 1st night,
i figured that since i'll be able to smell the lavender/camomile
blend lotion better if the scent is on my arms.
(Since my hands will always be like beside my face when i'm sleeping)

The product was quickly absorbed into my skin
and left a sweet soothing & calming smell,
i swore i fell asleep really quickly after that!
And i woke up feeling really rested and it felt SO good!


Thinking that it might be just psychological,
I used it again that night, and it was another good night sleep. (:
I guess i've found my ultimate "weapon" for my sleeping problem!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Splash

What do I say:

I like to travel sized bottle! Hahaha, so cute!

It has a really sweet floral scent
(Duh, it's jap cherry blossoms right!)
but it's a weeeee bit too strong for my liking.

I like something lighter and more refreshing!
But i find that the scent last even longer than the
Victoria Secret Body Splash i'm currently using.
Like even after i took a bathe, the scent is still there!
Power to Bath & Body Works! Hahahas.

I was told that sweet pea, moonlight path, japanese cherry blossom
are the more popular scents in the range and I'd love to try out
the other scents in the series!

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves!
Gotta end here, Need to go sleep soon! (:

Sponsered Advertorial: march avenue foggiare

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sponsered Advertorial:

Time for some blogshop lov'in!
So where did i shop this week?

March Avenue,

I love it that their designs are most exclusive or one-off pieces!
Who wants to wear something that another girl
is wearing just across the street right?

Look at this GOLD batwing cardi,
Hahahs, the keyword is GOOOOOLD!
You can spice up your look with this cardi over a simple spag top!

If you're not a gold blingy person like me,
there's always the black version of this piece!

Black/gold shimmy toga!

And March Avenue has a preloved section
where they share their nice clothes with their customers,
join their mailing list for the latest updates! (:

Look at this~
Black dress with bling bling straps!

They are having some promotion now!
Quote "FIDELIS" when you're ordering and get $2 off their 1st purchase!
Spend over $80 and you'll be given the MA(March Avenue)
Membership where they will get 20% discount for all future purchases! (:

The blogshop with the most unique name i've seen!
I've asked the owners and i was told that it actually meant
Fashion in Italian! (:

I love it that their designs are so special!
Lace x Black x White = I likeeee! :D
I mean, you don't really see these designs around
in those very typical blogshops do you!

Look at some of their designs!

This dress is so korean-ish!
You know those korean apparels shops in FEP
they would selling something like that for 100 plus luh!
Crrrrrrrazy, get it from!

Btw, if you join the mailing list or quote *Fidelis*
during purchase you'll get free postage!

Pink Parlour Brazillian waxing experience!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brand Review: My virgin Brazillian waxing experience!

Hello guuuuuuys, how're you!
I'm down with a bad cough and runny nose,
sigh, i hate being sicccccccck, makes me such a grumpy girl!

Anyway i've done a solo cover of Sweet Memories,
which you're probably hearing now if your speakers are on! :x
Comment yah! :D

I think this cartoon about b-wax is really funny!
Does a cleanly waxed below attract more guys? :D

I've always wanted to try waxing! Legs, arms or brazillian waxing,
it doesn't even matter! I just wanna try it for the fun of it!
But since everyone i've asked always told me:
"UH!!! Very pain leh!! Don't want luh, don't dare~"

Pouts, i don't really wanna go alone either,
So the other day when Nadnut asked me
if i wanted to go with her to Pink Palour for a b-wax session!
I was sooooo excited! :D


So the both of us stepped into Pink Palour,
Really excited but probably trembling in fear deep inside!

I really like the pink/black colour scheme of the whole place,
Nadnut told me that the liang court branch is much bigger!
There's a tv opposite the mani/pedi area
so we could chill out and watch desperate housewives/gossip girl
while we get out hands & feets done!


Anyway, before the waaaaaaaxing starts,
I went to take a short shower to ahem, clean up for abit,
The waxing room was playing some jazz music
i guess to help b-wax virgins like me to RELAX, lol.

And i was so shy to "open my legs" infront of the therapist, OuYang.
but i gave myself a little pep talk and kept telling myself,
Come on! This lady sees like 423589734587 thousand pussies a year
so there's so NOTHING to be shy about!

She applied the hot wax with a disposable spatula
And for every single application of hot wax,
she would use a new spatula,
Hhahas, nadnut told me after the whole thing that
she thought that the wax was really hot but i think it felt really nice!

And then.. without warning, she just pulled off the hard wax ,
and there goes my b-wax virgin status! Hahahah
I was really shocked! I wasn't shocked from the pain,
but shocked by how quick and painless it was! Hahaha,
i felt so silly from being so nervous that morning!

And when everything was done,
Ouyang did a post wax treatment,
and i'm all "clean" and ready to GO! :D

People have always told me that for waxing
the 1st time would be really painful,
then for the next session onwards
you won't feel anything much anymore!

But if the 1st experience,
the pain level is so bearable and almost painless,
i don't think the 2nd time would hurt at all!
So i'm defininately going back! :D

Anyway, if you wanna try out brazillian waxing,
check out this promotion!


Print the coupon out and go with your bestie or something!
It's S$55/session normally, so with the coupon,
each of your only have to pay S$27.50! So worth it luh!

(There's a 20% discount for Boyzillans!
How cool, go drag your boyf there to get waxed! hahahas)

Check out the Pink Palour's website for
other services that they provide! :D

Sambai Jai Massage Milly's & Nuffnang Dinner

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The previous week on good friday..
I had to wake up so early for church!
So tired and sleeeeeeeeepy~

So guess where i did i go to relax and
knead the knots out of my tired muscles?


(The one on the left is my massage therapist for the day!

Don't underestimate her because she's so tiny!
She has like so much strength! hahahahs)

I was invited to Milly's new shop, Sambai Jai
to try out the Thai Full body massage
She opened a new thai massage shop in far east plaza!
Went with nadnut! :D

I think it's really great, like after a long day
walking around
in our 4-inches stilettos
shopping in town,
I'd really love to go and do a feet massage for my poor feet!

So nice and relaxing right!
Now you don't even have to fly over to thailand for thai massages!
Step into Sambai Jai, and the ultra relaxing atmosphere would
make you feel like you're in thailand! :D

Even the massage bed is so comfy~
After an hour of massage, i felt soooooo relaxed
& ready to go for another round of shopping madness!!

Far East Plaza #02-93
For appointment, do call 83835395 !

Went to the nuffnang dinner with Jess the other day!
Pouts! She just went out when i reached,
so i called esther and i was very surprised
that she's not laaaaaate! LOL!

Bloggers & the nuffnang's staff! :D
Had our dinner at Ma Maison which means My home in french
it's a japanese/western restaurant!

I think the decor of the restaurant is really cozy and cute!
But the music is really loud and noisy :x
Not really a good place to chit chat over dinner.

Jess, jayden & me had Beef Stroganoff butter rice!
Super yummy, must try yah!

We're the ice cream phone girrrrrrrrls! Heh
look at jayden
, Lol!

Jayden, Valerie, Jess, Ming, Raine, Huiwen, Esther & Me! :D

Went to the supermarket with my grandma today,
everytime people will ask her if i'm her daughter! Lol.

YAY~ Got two tics for the StarTrek preview from nuffnang,
Watching with boyf tomorrow, who's going too!? Meeeeeet up!!!
I've got my ettusais ambassador meet up on saturday afternoon~

Sayonara, loves!
Gonna go watch Samantha who? now!

japanese restaurant, invisible children

Monday, April 20, 2009

Went to this restaurant, Honjin Japanese Restaurant
on Saturday night for buffet dinner with boyf's vocal lesson friends!
(The same bunch that we went to Bintan with!)

Anyway they were having 1-for-1 buffet promotion
if you're paying by UOB card!
Really value for $$$!

Here's the address: 140 Robinson Road, Chow House
#01-00 Singapore 068907
Tel: 6222 2243

Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10:30pm

We got the private room with the traditional japanese tatami, so cute!
and the waitresses were wearing kimono/yukata (I've no idea!)

Yummy! Ordered lots of sashimi, sushi, handroll,
maki, tempura, chawanmushi, udon etc!
Food was pretty good, lol,

Only the soft shell crab looked very unappetising,
forgot to take a picture of the ugly thing! o.0

Boyf's friends are like freeeeeeaky funny luh,
like everytime go out with time will laaaaaugh until no voice
and till my tummy hurts!

Lol i dunno how come they can come up
with such random funny things to crap about ALL THE TIME!
Even talk about inexperienced gynea, wth! Hahahas

Think of it i feel like laughing already!

After dinner, went to Dome Cafe at Dempsey to chit chat!

Couldn't sleep last night, only took a short nap for like an hour,
and had to rush the church at 9am, so early -.-
thaaaaaaaank god the normal service time is 11.30am!
Even on normal sundays that the service starts at 11.30am,
My mum will be screaming her head off at me and
rushing me to prepare quickly, or else late already, yadda yadda.

Argh, Sunday mornings are horrible!

After church, went to watch Invisible Children today
with boyf, his parents, his friend and some of his fans,
boyf acted in this arty farty film as a lazy bum in army!

To be honest, i'm so not into arty farty films!
I think it's probably something to do with my character or whatever?
i tend to be pretty straight-forward, and honestly i can't stand
sitting around for two hours watching a slow-paced arty film,
and in the end still have to think and think and interpret
what message the director is trying to bring out from the film.

The film was shown at Sinema, Old School, around town area
Anyway, if you wanna watch the film, (or support my boyf!)
there's another session tomorrow night at 7.30pm!

Check out this link for the synopsis/tickets etc!

Q & A session!

After the screening we went to suntec to check out the travel fair!
Omg after like i dunno how many gazillion years of whining
my parents finally let me go taiwan! :D

Exciteeeeeed, never been to taiwan!
I'm like damn free now since i've like classes once a week,
so i've been researching and planning our taiwan trip!
Lol, super super super early, but i'm so bored at home~
I'm going to shop like CRAZY!

Ferre Rose Princess

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sniff sniff sniff,
What's that sweet sweet scent coming from
that parcel i just received from Mr. Postman?

Fr3b have collaborated with Sasa to sponser 10 bloggers
with the new Ferre Rose Princess Perfume,
which is sold exclusively in all Sasa stores!

And i'm one of 'em!

I love the sweet pinky bottle!
Such a pretty addition to my perfumes!

And i pretty excited to try it out,
Firstly, because i loooooove perfumes!
I know they always say everyone should have their signature scent,
but i disagree!

I'm a girl who loves variety,
I have like 5 perfumes that i'm using currently,
And i use them depending on my mood & where i'm heading to!

I'll use a perfume with a "stronger" scent
when i'm out at night, all dressed up, clubbing or whatsoever.

And I love to wear a more fruity, flora scent perfume
just like the Ferre Rose Princess, when i'm out shopping,
or just a chilling out with my girls.

The Ferre Rose Princess is described as,
For the young woman who leads the way,
Resourceful of spirit, keen on forward thinking,
but yet also gentle, delicate and sensual.

This new fragrance captures the dreams,
moods and sensations
of the PRINCESSES of the new millenium.

Ferre Fragrance Princess Rose comes in 3 sizes and
it's sold exclusively in all Sasa stores!

EDT 30 ml S$69.00
EDT 50 ml S$99.00
EDT 100 ml S$129.00

Anyway, check out this promotion,
Just print out this coupon and you can enjoy a $20 discount!
Do share this with your friends & family,
It's only valid till 30 April, so be quicccccck!

Monday, April 13, 2009



Sponsered Advertorial:

Me loveeeeeee accessories~
Went over to Hougang mall's PO to collect my registered mail today!
Wenya Designs, prolly you girls will find this shop name
really familiar since Wenya Designs always participate
in Night Bazaars/red dot museum /flea markets!

And she specially customized a few really gorgeous pieces for me,
and some remakes from her past sold out collection
which i love so much!

If you love pink accesories,

...the gorgeous combi of gold/black/pearl...

...Bling and pearls..

Then you WOULD go crazy over WenYa Designs accesories!!
Check out her website now!
She does customized pieces as well! (:

Met up with Nadnut in town last thursday!
The smelly girl was laaaaaate,
lol, so i went over to Clover 1st!

And i got my hair dyed.. a hot cherry reeeeeeed! :D


Nadnut brought Esther & Me
to the Digimask event at The Cathay,

they had a collaboration with Swarvoski and
we saw all these really cool crystal designs and stuff!

but we wait around 2 hours for the event to start
cos the corporate people weren't there yet!

Wait until very hungry luh~

Look at some of the super pretty blingy stuff by digimask as well!
*grabbed the picture from esther's blog! heh

I love my new hair colour! :D

Boyf waited for me after school for about 3-4 hours
for my event to end so he can send me home!


Lol, he's crazy! The other day at church,
cos i have this habit of throwing my receipts, accesories,
candy wrapper, whatever junk into my bag,
then he found a pair of earrings and he just take and wear! @#$%^&

Btw rmb i said i bought this book a couple of months ago?

I finally made my 1st doll!
It's a little out of shape.. lol and naked at the moment!
Haven't had time to head down to spotlight to buy
some cute patterned cloth for bunny's dress!

Yup i know.. i'm very very bored. lol.

Baked cookie with boyf last night,
i don't dare to do anything complicated with him around!
Cos everytime i bake at his place.. HE WILL DESTROY IT
and it'll pissed me off like crazy!

Lol, after we baked like 3 batches of cookies
we had quite alot of dough left,
so boyf just threw the whole chunk in the oven
and we got a hugeeeeeee cookie!

... lol, there's like so much WHAT-THE-HEEEEELL moments with him.

Btw, I went to do my brazillian waxing with nadnut this morning!!!
Hehehe, i got so many emails and stuff asking me
if it hurts and stuff,
Shall blog about it another day!

After the B-waxing,
nadnut went to gym and i went to walk around at taka!
Stupid boyf was suppose to meet me and
he was like dilly-dally-ing as usual
so he didnt have time to meet me

cos he had to go to school
! Humph.

So i walked around town for around 2 hours alone
then head to school for tutorial!

Lol, i'm very proud of myself!
Today i didnt even take cab once!
I was thinking of taking cab to hougang mall to collect my mail,
I was thinking of taking cab to Marina Square for B-waxing,
i was thinking of taking cab to school!
Muahahah, but i did not ok!

So i prolly saved like $50 that i might've spent on cab fares!!!

I'm damn blur today luh :x
I went to school for tutorial, and i went to LectureRoom 312,
I sashayed in, late as usual.

Took my usual seat and started looking around the class
and like everyone was staring at me! So WTH!
Then i started looking at the unfamiliar faces staring at me,
and i asked the guy infront: " Errr, is this case study?"


so i tried to act like i'm not super shy about being so blur
and i quickly picked up my stuff and walked out!

Then i walked into LecturerRoom 313,
*cross fingers and hopefully it's the right room*
When i walked in there was like only like 8 student and an indian lecturer,
so i walked in and asked the lecturer :" Is this case study?"

(Cos i forgot to wear my contacts and
i couldn't see his face clearly from thr back of the class,
plus i only see my classmates once a week
so i obviously don't rmb their faces!)

Then he like said you forgot how i look like ah!
Of course this is case study lah!
Then the rest of the swtudents was like laughing at me :x


Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:
Gotta goooooooo watch show!

Hehehe, I've been watching :
boys over flower (korean version)
Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version)
Meteor Garden (Taiwan version)

I should like do a comparison of the 3 different versions of F4! Lol!